Cat Sìth Press

Steal away to adventure

A Scottish tabletop roleplaying games imprint, publishing adventures that embrace the magic of playing pretend. Cat Sìth Press games open portals to explore other worlds, and build interesting places to get lost.A creature of the fae, the cat-sìth (pronounced ket-shee) is a ghostly black cat with a white patch on its chest. It is sometimes sinister, sometimes benevolent, and can always be persuaded to play.


Original Games

On The Path

A Witcher-inspired hack of Honey Heist where players take on the role of a group of monster slayers looking for their missing mentor.

Guns & Repression

Players take on the role of modern-day monster hunters, navigating a dangerous world and repressing all their feelings about it.


Create a unique hex map based on your movement in the real world, and use foraged conkers to resolve enemy combat.

The Vampire Next Door

What happens when you know that the new neighbour is an evil monster, but no one believes you? Play as kids trying to save Wymton-on-Tee from a terrible fate.


Slay Monsters

Inspired by The Witcher, this is a collection of 9 potions and 8 items that can be easily integrated into any 5E game to improve your monster slaying.

Chronic Migraine Mechanics for 5E

Rules options for player characters which offer mechanical effects for chronic migraines. Includes 3 feats for chronically ill characters, and 3 unique pain relief potions.

A photograph taken on a woodland path. It shows a person in a pink jacket walking a dog


Cat Sìth Press is a self-published imprint by Cat Elm (they/them, pronounced like "cat" this time), who is as smug as the cat-sìth who got the cream that they managed to pick an imprint name which encompasses Scottish folklore, their pseud, and a Star Wars reference if you squint a little bit.Through Cat Sìth Press they aim to create games that provide an escape from the real world and opportunities for players to make their own fantasy.Get in touch at can follow Cat on twitter @cat_elm.The Cat Sìth Press logo was designed by Stoneshore.